the truth... Tthe lies... risks the guy behind it all...

The TRUTH behind Chef BOYARDEE...

All my life i have enjoyed the fruits of aamerica... money, pumpkin pie,and hot dog eating compotition. but it seems in america there is a great therat our youth and our minds....cCHEF BOYARDEE.

you may be thinking im insane or even crazy..but what is crazyier is what boyardee has been hiding for YEARS. i have dedicatded my hole life to rreaserch on chefs radiocative- THATS RIGHT RADIOACTIVE- shchlop..

you may be asking all these questoons. who am i> well i wont say my name but as a kid my grandpapa loved chef boy ardee. he ,loved it i always had it on fridays. but it was so scary when he bcame evil

its because of the italians ... long ago italian s did not exist... they were sent to america by disney and now they movie about two gayish italian little boiys. they arre all aliens from mars. no italian is human.

boyardee was made as a way to hypnotize america... they put rodiactive slop in their stuff and make us eat it to brainwash the public. i say NO MORE. today we STAND UP to boyardee. TODAY WE FIGHT AND DESTROY BOYARDEE